Our values

Easy & Honest value all the way.

Our vision

Easy, honest and good value all the way - that's the thinking behind RBG. We've set out to create a buzz, an ambiance, an experience that is uniquely appealing to our customers. With tempting menu options, great service and a vibrant atmosphere, we're committed to high standards for quality in every respect. It's our simple promise to our customers - and it's what makes us who we are.

Our food

Fresh ingredients, locally-inspired specialties and classic dishes make up RBG's versatile, all-day menu. Dine on a selection of hearty and healthy items ranging from charcoal-grilled cuts of meat and fish, to crisp salads and signature dishes.

Complement your meal with a selected range of beers, wines and beverages from our drinks card.

Our restaurants and people

A great restaurant experience isn't just about delicious food, it's also about dining in vibrant and accommodating surroundings.

At RBG we're just as dedicated to providing outstanding service as we are to serving enticing menu items. Staff members are cheerful and helpful, while our modern interiors feature a comfortable d├ęcor. The result: a lively, welcoming ambiance.

Worldwide Location

We have RBG's in various locations across the world. Find your RBG by selecting your country below.

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